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In my life, I have found that lack of money has occasionally prevented me from doing things I wanted to do. On the flip side of the coin, once I really took control over my finances, I found that money was key to achieving many of my dreams. If you are stuck in the limbo between these two realities, I would like to help you make your dreams come true. Yes, some of it is just about making enough money, but you also have to optimize the money you have access to. This blog delves into both of those issues, and I truly hope it helps you realize your dreams. Thanks for reading.



Making Dreams Come True: Money & Finance Blogs

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Teacher Job Injury And Workers' Compensation

If you are a teacher, and you get injured on the job or suffer a work-related medical condition or illness, report it to your employer immediately. Whether or not you lose time from work, you should report any accidents, injuries, or illness you think may be work-related to your supervisor. By not filing a claim at the time, you may have trouble getting benefits later on if problems occur. Therefore, it pays to understand your rights when it comes to filing a workers' compensation claim.

Is It True You Can Post Bail To Clear A Warrant?

A bench warrant authorizes police to arrest the person named on the document. As strange as it may seem, a lot of people don't realize there's a warrant out for their arrest until they're stopped by police for something completely unrelated, like a traffic violation. If you happen to learn through other means that the court has issued a warrant out for you, it may be possible for you to clear it using a bail bond.

Why Forensic Accounting Can Be Beneficial To Your Company

When you are running a business, it is imperative to make sure that you are well aware of the financial standing and whether there are any issues that need to be addressed. By spotting and addressing financial issues, you will have a much better chance at saving the company from bankruptcy and from lawsuits. You Can Monitor The Professionals Even though you may have hired some accountants to handle many of the financial aspects of the company, it is vital that there is a way to keep them accountable.

Paycheck Advances And Credit Score: 4 Things To Know

A credit score is usually necessary to take out a loan -- but that isn't necessarily true for a paycheck advance or a payday loan. There are some things you need to know about your credit score when taking out a paycheck advance (especially if your credit is important to you), but they aren't the same as other types of loan. 1. A Payday Loan Usually Won't Require a Credit Check If you don't have any credit or if you have a very low credit score, a payday loan is usually the only option.

Using A Wealth Manager

Have you ever wondered why many celebrities or professional athletes are using wealth managers, or how they are making their money work for them. There is no doubt that they make a great deal of money, but many of them are using a wealth manager to increase earnings, and to meet personal goals. If you have not considered a wealth manager, then you should truly consider using a wealth manager. First, it does need to be pointed out that a wealth manager is not a financial advisor, or an investor.

Getting A Personal Loan

There are times when you just simply do not have the money for bills and for other essentials. For these instances, there are personal loans that can really help you get through the tough time. Personal loans are definitely there to help you in a bind, and for the most part should not be used for things of a recreational nature. As a rule of thumb if you do not absolutely have to have it, or pay for it, then do not get a loan.

3 Benefits Of Titanium Vs. Gold

If you are looking for a type of metal to invest in or if you are choosing the perfect metal for an important piece of jewelry, such as a wedding ring, you might be trying to compare the differences between titanium and gold. Both types of metal are incredibly popular, although different people have different preferences. However, titanium does have a few benefits in comparison to gold. These are a few of them.